A name created by poet Philip Sidney in the 16th century for his romance Arcadia, hit a height of popularity in the 1940s


Pamela is a made up name by the poet Philip Sidney combining the Greek words pan, meaning all and meli meaning honey, hence sweetness. A top 20 choice from 1930s to the 1950s.


Pamela Anderson enhanced her assets and made it big in Baywatch, Pam Ayres puts humour into poems of everyday life, Pam Gems  wrote plays that made her the feminists’ friend, Pamela Hansford Johnson gave up a bank job and became a leading author, Pamela Hanson shoots stylish and suggestive pictures for top magazines, Pamela Harriman had influential lovers and ended up a US ambassador,  Pamela Mitford played her part as one of six extraordinary sisters,  Pam Relph was unfit for the army but won paralympic gold, Pamela Stephenson Connolly is funny and serious having moved from comedy to counseling

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