Nicholas the name of the kindly saint who inspired the legend of Father Christmas. A popular choice for the last 50 years


Nicholas comes from the combined Greek words nike meaning victory and laos meaning people – hence power to the people. Most famous for Saint Nicholas, or Father Christmas


Nick Clegg led the Lib Dems into coalition rule and found it hard going, Nicolaus Copernicus proved the sun, not Earth, was centre of the universe, Nick Faldo became the master of world golf in the 1980s, Nicholas Hawksmoor worked on St Paul’s, then built beautiful churches, Nick Hornby his passion for Arsenal took him from teaching to writing, Nick Park brilliant comic creator of Wallace and Gromit, Nicholas Parsons unhesitating chairman for Just A Minute since 1967, Nick Robinson broadcaster who emerged free from cancer, Nick Skelton broke his bones and still won Olympic gold

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