Many people called Anthony prefer to go through life as Tony and we have made a card specially for them


Tony is almost always a shortening of Anthony but as so many men prefer to be called Tony we have created a card for them


Tony Benn standard bearer for socialism within the Labour party, Tony Bennett rose from poverty to global stardom, Tony Blackburn put Radio 1 on the dial, Tony Blair swept into 10 Downing Street and stayed ten years, Tony Christie scored a hit in his search for Amarillo, Tony Curtis Hollywood heartthrob in 140 movies, Tony Hancock so funny and yet so tragic, AP (Tony) McCoy champion jockey who just kept winning, Toni Mascolo founded the Toni and Guy hairdressing empire

We will send your card by first class post. If you prefer we can send it direct to your family member or friend with a brief message of your choice.